I gave myself a break

I’ve been riding the struggle bus lately. I’m still recovering from my vericose vein surgery, weird things are happening to my veins and I’m on my period. What a week. Normally being a wife and mother means I’m up from sun up to sun down, cleaning, cooking, making sure we have enough toilet paper, or washing clothes that I’m never gonna fold. I decided yesterday that I needed a break, and that I wasn’t going to do anything.

Now, I can’t get by with doing nothing, but I did very little. I woke up at 6 am, got the kids dressed for school, packed lunches and sent them off to the bus. I spent the whole school day in my bed, feet up, my Nintendo Switch in hand playing Stardew Valley. I relaxed, I ate, I played video games and I didn’t even pick up the computer.

When the kids got home, I told my kids yes. Yes, you can play outside, yes you can play Fortnite til the cows come home, pizza for dinner sounds great, sure you can wear my lipstick. Within reason, I gave myself a break from parenting. There’s no harm in letting your kids in on your mental health day, sometimes we all just need a day off. As a result we spent the evening in a darn good mood, happy kids, relaxed momma.

I woke up this morning and to my surprise, my house was still standing. There is a sink full of dishes I’ll need to address, some muffin wrappers on the couch, and toothpaste on the sink, but its still standing. As a wife and mother its hard for me not to be harsh on myself for my house being messy, or not cooking a big healthy meal for my kids and husband. I tend to get so into my role that I forget to take breaks, and I forget that I’m not super human, although I try to be.

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