Marriage & our first year.

On September 1, 2018 I had the privilege of marrying my wonderful husband. They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, well throw three kids in the mix and you sure have yourself an adventure. My husband and I fell in love shockingly fast, were engaged after just a few months and married a little shy of a year later. We’re pretty much all heart eyes and butterflies still, but this past year has really taught us some valuable lessons.

1. You have to give in.

They say relationships are give and take, and that is the truth. My husband and were both single parents, living our own lives, parenting our own ways, of course completely opposite of each other. It was really hard to give up old habits, and learn that you have to meet in the middle. I admit I still struggle with letting him take the lead on things, but I’m working on it, and he’s nice enough to put up with me while I learn.

2. We communicate differently.

There are times I would try to explain something to my husband only to be met with a weird look, or a “huh?” It’s so frustrating. We learned we communicate very differently, its almost like we’re from different planets sometimes. We’ve learned we have to just breathe, repeat, and often rephrase what we’re trying to say to each other.

3. We learned to never stop dating.

Dates are so important, especially when you have children like we do. The one on one time with my husband is what I look forward to the most after a long week. Even if its just an at home date, or to grab a quick dinner. I love just being with him. There have been times where we can’t do a date night due to financial or scheduling reasons and It definitely shows. Making time to reconnect with your partner is so, so important turns out.

tip: Put your phone down. It can make all the difference.

4. We get on each other’s nerves sometimes.

Living in such close quarters with someone, even the one you love most in the world is bound to drive anyone crazy. We’re learning that there isn’t any shame in going to separate rooms for a bit, or even getting lost in separate video games or books.

5. You have to swallow your pride.

The words I’m sorry go a long way, even when you’re positive whatever it is isn’t your fault. Odds are it isn’t important anyway, even if it seems to be life or death at the time.

6. Everything is more fun now.

You always have a partner in every activity, and a date no matter where you go. I love just hanging out with my husband playing different video games, or watching one of our shows. He’s my favorite travel buddy too, we’ve been all over the place together, this past year alone we went North, then south, took the kids to Legoland, Disney World, the beach. It’s been an absolute blast. There is no one else I’d rather share the world with.

7. We are each other’s biggest supporters.

My husband is a reach for the stars type of man, It seems like he has a new goal for himself each week, and I’m here for it. He’s always coming up with something he wants to do, learn or achieve and I really don’t think there’s been anything to date that he hasn’t done, and each time I’ve had his back. When I wanted to start a blog he gave me the courage to do it, and if we were to ever fail, we would have each other then too.

8. It’s fun to be weird together.

We are the type of people that like to do embarrassing things, we do whatever we can to make each other laugh. We’re constantly exchanging puns, goofy dances and inside jokes. Life is definitely more fun with him in it.

9. Marriage is hard.

Marriage is hard freaking work. The thing about it though is we wake up every day and we choose each other, we choose this life and one another above all else. It’s a tricky thing, having to cave where you need to, learning to stand your ground about other things, and learning to work together. Every decision you make you must make it with the other person in mind. It’s a lot, but I’ll scream it to the roof tops that it’s totally worth it.

10. I’ve learned that he’s the right man for me.

He shows up for me, every day, no matter what. No matter how badly we’ve fought, or how tired he is from working all week. He’s present for me. I love my husband more and more with each day that goes by. I know it sounds super cheesy, but that’s just because it is, we’ve got some serious cheese in our marriage and I’m not ashamed to admit it. He’s the peanut butter to my jelly, the cheese to my cracker, and I just love him to pieces.

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