5 Family activities that are super cheap (or super free!)

Hello there, if you’ve been to my blog before you’ll know that I have three wonderful children. They’re the light of my life and my biggest blessing. They also have 747897 toys, 4 game systems, a whole backyard and they still holler that they’re bored every single day. Its hard not to get burned out, or run out of ideas to entertain them, especially on weekends and school breaks, but relax, I’m here to help! I’ve compiled a list of 5 activities that my entire family enjoys doing, and that I’m sure yours will love as well!

1. Painted Rocks

Painting rocks is such a fun activity for the whole family! In fact your entire community can get involved! I belong to a few painted rock communities on facebook, you can search for them, and if you don’t have one in your area then you can start one! What does one do in a painted rock group? Well, you paint the rocks and hide them all over your town, or neighborhood, in parks, court houses, trees, wherever! After they’re painted and hidden you post clues on the facebook group so others can go find your rock! Its a fun little scavenger hunt, you can even choose to have other people re-hide your rocks, or leave them where they are. What makes this an extra fun idea is, its super cheap to do! It can even be free if you already have a stash of paint laying around, you just gotta go pick up some rocks from outside or you can even get a kit!

Home made snack trays are so much fun!

2. Movie Monday

My kids LOVE movie Monday’s, they grin ear to ear when I tell them its movie night! Movie Monday’s is something I try to do at least once a month, sometimes more, it depends on our plans but I feel like its so important. Getting some popcorn, and some snacks from the dollar store costs so little. We rent movies off Amazon if they aren’t available to watch for free anywhere else, mostly because if we used Redbox we would forget to return the disc. We’re always so busy, and movie Monday’s is one way to get my family together to reconnect. A helpful tip is to get the tray style plates and portion out the candies, popcorn, and fruit, it gives each kid their own little movie tray! I’ve seen people recycle old kid cuisine trays for this, but I just use these trays.

3. Kid Science

Do you ever find strange messes that your children make? The kind where they mix laundry detergent with toothpaste just to see what happens? Well, my oldest daughter had quite the habit of this. I used to get so frustrated because not only is it a pain for me to clean up all the time, but it can be quite dangerous if they mix the wrong stuff. One day, it just hit me, she has a spark of scientific curiosity in that little head of hers. Why should I extinguish it? Let that curiosity blossom! Together my children and I have successfully made clouds out of ivory soap, made slime, we’ve made solar systems, and next on our list is making a home made volcano since my youngest daughter has become quite fascinated with them. There’s something about going back to basic, hands on activities that’s so rewarding.

4. Karaoke

This started in the car, my husband would turn on Disney songs on shuffle and we would sing along as a family. Now it’s an activity my girl’s and I love to do at any time of the day. We take turns or sing together, often throwing in our finest dance moves. Its fun, and it’s one of those activities that results in a lot of laughter, especially when I switch it to 90’s pop music and really get down.

Pizza night is the best night, in my opinion.

5. DIY Pizza night

I could go on for hours about how much I love a good pizza. Pizza is my favorite food, hands down, I love it. That’s one of the reasons I like to do this so much, another is its so easy to have a dinner that’s gluten free. In most stores you can purchase a gluten free readily made pizza crust either in the freezer section or on the shelf so its perfect for families like mine where one child has to eat gluten free. Plus this one is super easy! Just lay out all the pizza toppings and have your family gather around with their pizza crusts! If they’re old enough let them put them in the oven! This activity gives both a little hands on cooking experience, and lots of family bonding!

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