At Home

Imagine all your laundry clean, ironed, folded and neatly put away for you when you get home... Makes your heart melt just a little doesn’t it! The Super Wife is here to ‘save the day’ just like this in all aspects of daily life- giving you the hard to create balance we all long for!

Having a party and tired of not enjoying the event? Hire a Super Wife to serve the food/drinks and clean up afterwards.

Waiting on a repairman? Instead of tapping your fingers in boredom, waiting for him to arrive, just tap your fingers on the computer keyboard or phone instead and let us save your time and your sanity!

Here are just a few of the home & family services The Super Wife can provide:

  • Shopping For Groceries & Putting Them Away
  • Washing, Ironing, Even Sewing!
  • Folding & Putting Laundry Away
  • Cooking – Healthy Meals To Decadent Dessert
  • Washing & Putting Dishes Away
  • Mopping, Vacuuming, Cleaning & De-Cluttering House
  • Schedule Appointments & Make Dinner Reservations
  • Planning & Decorating For Parties
  • Organize Closets/Offices/Pantry/Spice Cabinet
  • Cleaning Refrigerators & Garages
  • Organize & Clean Kitchen
  • Taking In/Out Garbage Cans
  • Bring In Mail & Mailing Packages/FedEx/UPS
  • Cleaning Blinds & Raking Leaves

Around Town

Hey, you’re at work for most of your day! This leaves no time for errands if you spend any quality time with the spouse & kids,
so let The Super Wife take your errand list and complete it for you! Here are just a few- the list of ways we can help you is truly endless:

  • Taking Your Car For An Oil Change / Service
  • Taking Elderly Parents To Appointments
  • Checking In On Elderly Parents During The Day
  • Walking & Caring For Animals & Taking Trips To The Vet
  • Providing Transportation To The Airport
  • Drop Off / Pick Up Dry Cleaning & Prescriptions
  • Clean Cars & Running Errands
  • Taking Items To Charity

At The Office

Sometimes you just need a little help catching up on filing... With bookkeeping around tax season... Data entry on a special project... Answering the phone when an employee is out... Whether the need is once a month, once a week or once in a while- The Super Wife is here to help. Tell us what you need and your Super Wife is there to rescue you from business burdens so you can concentrate on boosting business!

  • Completing Office Tasks
  • (Substituting When A Worker Is Out, Answering Phones, etc.)
  • Organizing, Filing & Entering Data
  • Blogging/Facebook/Twitter For Business

Gift Certificates!

Our savvy clients asked for it- and obviously we had to say yes! The Super Wife now offers Gift Certificates for purchase. This is one AMAZING, THOUGHTFUL AND MUCH APPRECIATED gift our clients LOVELOVELOVE. What a super fabulous way to say Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! Congratulations On The New BABY! Get Well Soon- whatever the occasion! And what better way to thank clients, employees, friends or family in a considerate and friendly manner? Choose The Super Wife gift certificates as the supreme way to be cost-effective AND generous at the same time!

The Super Wife Gift Vouchers are available in three convenient bundles of 5-Hour, 10-Hour- or 20-Hour blocks.
Our company is based in Oak Ridge, NC and happily, energetically serves the Triad, NC. Call the team at The Super Wife for more details at 336-340-5048.


Our cost-effective rates are charged as follows:

For all services performed on location, at the client’s home or office, our rates start at just $15 per hour depending on the service requested. Clients may place as many requests to the Super Wife as they wish. If he/she completes this request within the hour then the client pays only for the hour and not per request.

For all/any requests to The Super Wife services where the Super Wife is working on the client’s behalf away from the home or office office, a fee of $15.00 per hour is charged plus mileage.

There is a two-hour minimum fee for all of our services. Beyond two hours, charges are calculated at fifteen-minute intervals for most services.

Good news! We have agreements in place with certain vendors to offer our clients a discount! Our fees do not include merchandise or services purchased from a third party vendor as per a client’s request- these costs will be paid for by the client.


Should you have to cancel, please do it within 12-24 hours prior to the appointment. There is a $25 dollar cancellation fee. Please understand that if an errand or service has been completed prior to cancellation, the client will incur full charges, including charges for any purchases we made and our expenses related to the cancelled service.


Payments must be made upon completion of service, unless prior arrangements have been made through the Super wife management. Payment includes The Super Wife fees and the cost of any expenses or purchases made.

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